Terms and Conditions

  • Booking fee's: We require £20 per hour for every hour that you book out of the diary. If the booking fee is not paid you will not be entered into the diary.

  • Until the booking fee is paid the time slot you may have enquired about is still bookable by another party.

  • All Booking Fee's, Drawers fee's and Advanced payments are NON-REFUNDBLE.

Advanced payments for future work are also accepted. However these payments are taken in good faith and as such as agreement to received that amount of work. They are non refundable, non transferable cannot be redeemed against any other services, other than the original purpose given.

  • We require a minimum of 72 hours to re-arrange your appointment in order to avoid losing your booking fee. More than one re-scheduling will require a new Fee. If you cancel your appointment you lose your fee.

  • This booking is valid for the design discussed, If you wish to change your design idea you must give as much notice as possible, you may be required to re-book with a new booking fee if its a complete change. Adjustments to design on the day will potentially adjust the cost of the tattoo.

  • If you fail to attend your appointment without having contacted the studio to cancel (a ‘No-Show') your Booking fee will be retained and any future tattoo bookings that we have in the diary for you will automatically be cancelled.

  • If you are late for your appointment without contacting the studio it will be treated as a 'No-Show'.

  • We require a Booking Fee for each session that you book. This means that for larger pieces, you can either book multiple sessions straight away with a deposit for each one or you can book one session and then book your next when that one is finished and carrying your deposit over.

  • Your Booking fee will come off the cost of your tattoo on the day unless you are carrying it over to a new tattoo booking.

  • Whilst we can accept vouchers as tattoo deposits, in the event of a no-show or cancellation, the full amount of your voucher used will be forfeited.

  • Repeat No-Shows/Cancellations may be required to pay for future bookings up front or refused future service.

  • All of the tattoos created at JCM Tattoo Studio designed as per the brief/Mood board provided by you. On booking your artist has agreed to have your design made up for your appointment time and date. As a general rule your designs will not be shared with you over anyform of socail media before your appointment date.

  • If you are invited or required to come in for a top up, highlight or free session to complete a tattoo. You may not be asked for a deposit, but if you fail to attend without notice any work that has previously been agreed to is forfeited and deemed and new work. Making any re booking of that work chargable at normal rate.
  • Drawers fees are required when you ask your artist to draw a design without a booking these will be calculated buy design or labour involved.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service at any point for any reason,  if we deem you as unfit to be tattooed its up to the artist if future bookings will be considered, this may include but is not limited intoxication, drugs, injuries (inc sunburn), emotional state/disress,  bad personal hygiene or behavior that is deemed offensive.
  • In booking your appointment and paying your fee, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Car parking and access

Walkin enquires are discouraged, when you book a Appointment or consultation you'll recieve a access link by email that will allow you to let yourself into gym doors and turnstiles at the gym reception.

You are advised to enter your car numberplate into to screen at reception if your popping in for a small tattoo or consultation  as this will allow you to have free parking for 3hours.

JCM tattoo studio does not have have anything to do with the management of the carparks and cannot be held responsibility for any Charges or fines incurred.

Please follow all signage displayed within the carparks.

Those with mobility and access requirements discuss them before your booking. There is a alternative entrance with lift access but this needs a member of staff to be present.

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