Legal notice

Legal Notice

It is a deemed a crimminal offence to tattoo a individual under the age of 18. There for JCM Tattoo reserves the right to ask for proof of age (driving licence or passport).

If you are over 18 but are lucky enough to appear under 25 we advise you bring id with you. If you are challenged and are unable to produce these documents this will result in being refused service. Any drawing fees/deposits will be retained.

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Tattooing Of Minors Act 1969

1969 CHAPTER 24

An Act to prohibit the tattooing of persons under the age of eighteen years.

[16th May 1969

1Prohibition of tattooing of minors.

It shall be an offence to tattoo a person under the age of eighteen except when the tattoo is performed for medical reasons by a duly qualified medical practioner or by a person working under his direction, but it shall be a defence for a person charged to show that at the time the tattoo was performed he had reasonable cause to believe that the person tattooed was of or over the age of eighteen and did in fact so believe.


Any person committing such an offence shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding [F1fifty pounds][F1level 3 on the standard scale], or, in the case of a second or subsequent conviction, to a fine not exceeding one[F1hundred pounds][F1level 3 on the standard scale].

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Amendments (Textual)

F1Words “level 3 on the standard scale”substituted (S.) for “fifty pounds” and “hundred pounds”by virtue of Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1975 (c. 21, SIF 39:1)ss. 289E–289G

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Criminal Justice Act 1982 (c. 48, SIF 39:1)ss. 35 (in relation to liability on first and subsequent convictions), 38 (increase of fines) and 46 (substitution of references to levels on the standard scale) apply (E.W.)


For the purposes of this Act “Tattoo” shall mean the insertion into the skin of any colouring material designed to leave a permanent mark.

4Short title, commencement and extent.

(1)This Act may be cited as the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969.

(2)This Act shall come into force at the expiration of one month beginning with the date it is passed.

(3)This Act shall not extend to Northern Ireland.


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